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Challenging Uber: TripStars Offers Safe, Affordable Rideshare Alternative in Phoenix

It takes guts to compete against Uber and Lyft, the giants of the rideshare universe, but a company in Phoenix is offering personalized ride share services at better prices for the consumer while providing above-industry incentives to qualified new drivers to join.

An immigrant-owned rideshare enterprise serving the metro-phoenix area, Tripsart has a passion for doing things differently.

How can a company compete the tech giants?  By offering better, local services with a win-win proposition. For the riders, TripStars offers discounts, good prices and the peace of mind of carefully vetted, background checked drivers and crew.

For the drivers, the company gives competitive sign-up incentives to the qualified drivers, which are better than signing with Uber and Lyft.

“These companies can be players in the market by offering more personalized service and additional incentives catering to what customers really want”, said business and trademark attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta. “TripStars impressed me by their entrepreneurial, can-do attitude of its owners, and their commitment for a professional service”.

Tripstar offers diverse levels of service to cater to specific needs, from the basic T-Silver drive to a VIP T-Celebrity.

Owners at Tripstars know the industry and carefully examine how they can provide an improved experience to their customers. Support local initiatives and personalized service.

If you have a business and/or trademark questions, make an appointment to speak to Marcos E. Garciaacosta Esq. at (480) 324-6378

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